The Even Stevens Ranked Podcast!

What’ll Idol Do? | S1E4

November 8, 2018

In this episode we meet the second one-off character in the series -- Ren's conniving snake of a pre-high school mentor, June Marie. Ren is beyond excited to have June's help and thinks super highly of her, too bad June Marie has slimy ulterior motives. Meanwhile, Louis suspects someone stole one of his VHS tapes of a Saturday Night Live episode and installs a home surveillance system hoping to catch the thief. Thankfully, Louis' security cameras end up exposing June Marie's true colors. This episode marks the first appearance of the fabulous Tom Gribalski and the last appearance of Ren's placeholder friend Jewel. 

We debut another new segment: "Mom's Thoughts with Jeannie Butler!" Where my mother chimes in with her thoughts on the episode. We also read the most detailed and specific Listener Letter ever. ALSO, I went as Louis Stevens for Halloween. 



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