The Even Stevens Ranked Podcast!

Louis In The Middle | S1E6

December 4, 2018

A celebration is in order because we're finally wrapping up the first 6 episodes, otherwise known as The Ehrich Van Lowe Saga! Yay! Louis whacks One-off Character Number 4, low level local celebrity on campus Blake Thompson, in the face while doing less-than-stellar Marlon Brando impressions. One thing leads to another and Louis ends up saving Blake from almost choking to death on a piece of steak. Louis' popularity skyrockets after becoming the school hero, but his constant craving for approval quickly starts to negatively affect his friendship with Twitty and Tawny. Meanwhile, Larry Beale is weirdly in love with Ren Stevens we guess??? We talk all about the strange relationship that never came to be.

This episode is actually much deeper than we realized and we were both pleasantly surprised upon rewatching it! Could it be the best of these first 6?!



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