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Honey Boy Trailer Review + More!

September 6, 2019

THE "HONEY BOY" TRAILER IS FINALLY HERE! Ethan and I spend most of this review in utter disbelief that it's actually a real thing. We never thought we'd see anything remotely close to a Shia LaBeouf biopic that closely examines his Even Stevens years. It's incredible and we CANNOT WAIT to finally see it! 

We talk all about the trailer and catch up on some things that have happened while we've been away, such as Christy's Kitchen Throwback and Shia's new projects + interviews, among other things! 

It's good to be back. *Note: This episode was recorded a while ago, before Ty Hodges was a guest on Christy's show! Obviously, we would've discussed that Ren/Larry content!!! haha. So, looks like we have some stuff saved for another day... 


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