The Even Stevens Ranked Podcast!

All About Yvette | S1E5

November 21, 2018

Neither of us really like this episode. It's at the bottom of both of our lists. Discussing the episode, however, somehow resulted in nonstop laughter! Here, we meet Ren's new placeholder BFF Charlotte. Charlotte's previous BFF Yvette (a.k.a. One-off Character Number 3) visits Sacramento and things go downhill from there. This is probably the cheesiest episode of Even Stevens. Ever. Of all time. It's bizarre! It's cringy! It equates Brown University to your local Brown Middle School! It's only partially saved by a decent subplot involving Louis and Tawny, but even they can't totally keep this one from falling nearly as flat as a pancake. 

Has anyone ever told you that you're allowed to have more than one best friend? If you don't know, now ya know.

So far, I've never laughed harder while editing a podcast. This one is fun.



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